Dedication Wall

Personalized suitcases and messages of love are being provided in honor of....

In honor of the marriage of Rick & Stephanie Langnas!  Sent with much love for a beautiful life together!  Xox, Mom & Dad

From Susie Fox in honor of Tiffany Haddish.

In honor of Wendy Coleman and LA Urban Farms from Alexandra Fuller.

From Orit Condos in honor of mason and Georgia Gilmore Koff

In honor of Hannah Thorp's 16th Birthday, from Annette Pringle & Lori Sassoon.

From Ronnie Weinstock in honor of the Christening of William Bray on April 28, 2017.

From Diane & Loren Fond in honor of Sandy & Alan Croll on Passover!

From Ronnie Weinstock and James Zaragoza in honor of Theo's 5th Birthday!  

In honor of Hannah Corwin's Bat Mitzvah with love from Gary Yale and Leah Bishop.

From Sharon Segal in thanks to Matt Casden and WestCoast Archives for taking such good care of Buddy's Boxes.

In honor of Devon's 12th birthday with love from Ivy & Charlotte.

In honor of Joel Zadak and Justin Baxter.

With love from Scarlett and Quinn Seabury.

In honor of Jim Perkins from James Selph.

In honor of Katherine and Jerry Sung and family from Robert & Evie Schmidt.

In honor of the Sung Family from Ben and Sumi Suda.

From Deborah and Scott Simon, "In honor of Johanna Bruner, who makes a difference every day."

Village School - In honor of Sue Slotnick.  From Sara Singsank.       

In honor of Joel Zadak and Justin Baxter from Joseph Kern.

In honor of Jeff Bernstein from Justin Grey Stone.

On behalf of Ben and Zach Weiss at Village School in Pacific Palisades. Merry Christmas and thank you for helping those amazing children. Warmly, The Weiss Family

From Vanessa Neumann in honor of the Sung Family.  Happy Holidays!

From Patricia Mock in honor of Katherine & Jerry Sung.

From Diane and Loren Fond, in memory of a beloved Mother and Grandmother a.k.a. Gorgeous Nadine.  With love and deepest sympathy.  We love you! 

In honor of the Sung Family.  Happy Holidays from Vanessa Neumann!

From William Kegler, in honor of the Afsheen Family & Gwen Mesco.  

In honor of Laurie Dever's Birthday!  You are my inspiration and sending you all my love & hugs on your 45th!   xox  Your LA Mom

From Roger Fong in honor of Primrose Wang.

From Prophawan Nitiworanan for Primrose's 1st birthday.

In honor of Maggie Lin.  With love from Diane Fond.

With love and in honor of the beautiful adoption story of Marielle Croan.  It was the wish of her new family that we give to your beautiful cause to continue the amazing work done through this program.

In honor of M. Dowdle.

In honor of Cantor Lorna Lembeck's 60th birthday!

In celebration of Bill Todd's 78 Birthday.  Thank you for being a great friend, dad and grandpa.

In honor of Sinclair Geller's 12th birthday.   Happy birthday, Sinclair!  Thank you for dedicating your birthday to children entering foster care.

In honor of Maya Melnick's Bat Mitzvah.