To our current and future Donors, Sponsors and Volunteers, these notes of gratitude are for YOU:


“I really needed some shoes and clothes and I’m glad that you could help me….It will be a memory I would cherish.”

--Samantha, age 13

 My two girls came with nothing. I really appreciate everything and my two girls are so happy.”

--Omma (foster mother)

“I think I’ve found a life changer when I tried on this silky soft robe and gym clothes.”





I really appreciate all the help, the shoes, clothes, blanket. I am so blessed. I feel so much better. This has made my day.”


“You guys give me hope.”


"Walked in sad. Left glad!”


“I feel really confident. I can’t wait to walk down the street feeling like a million bucks!”

--Dymond, age 14

“I loved that they had a lot of stylish things that I could wear to school…and I loved I could find things that were for my style.”

--Isaac B., 8th Grade

“Thank you for the sport shorts and shoes. I love running track and being active with friends. Thank you for donating and helping me with clothing that parents could give me if they were here.”



The lady who assisted me…was nice and patient and made sure I got nice clothes and curl enhancing shampoo & conditioner, and I got Vans…what a blessing.”


 “Thank you so much because I needed school shoes badly and now I have the shoes that I really wanted. All the clothes are great. Thank you for making this possible!”