Letters of Support from Social Workers

We are grateful for the invaluable work of our partners.  We couldn't do this without you!


Department of children and family services (DCFS)

"I have seen the children walk into CFT meetings they usually do not like to participate in, with a hop in their step, a smile on their face and a story to tell about their new clothes and new Van shoes. It is an amazing transformation not only in appearance by in spirit.  You have to see it to fully understand". --Cesar Guillen, Youth Permanency Unit


Children's bureau

"...it's easy to miss the deep and layered impact of lack of access to basic clothing it has on children and families.  What Hope in a Suitcase has developed addresses the layers of impact and builds up children and youth by instilling hope, conveying unconditional positive acceptance, extending kindness, modeling agency and empowering participants to use their voice and choice."--Sean Sparks, APSS/RSS Program Coordinator

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Aviva Family and Children's Services

"As Director of the program who works with families in crisis, I can tell you that, aside from clothing, what Hope in a Suitcase has offered our clients is acceptance, faith and a sense of encouragement."--Laura De La Cruz, Director of Relative Support Services